Saving a Richmond icon

From the “Save Beloved Dimmey’s Building” group on Facebook:

For those of you who don’t live near Dimmey’s (Swan St., Richmond) I thought I would let you know that the signage on the front windows has been changed this week to say “We have signed another lease and are staying longer to provide you with more bargains” – or words to that effect.

While this is great in the short term, it may also mean that the planning applications to construct the proposed 9 storey apartment block may be caught up in various legal discussions. Therefore the new building owners need income and have granted Dimmey’s time to continue trading. A win-win for the building owner’s and Dimmey’s however we are still concerned about the long term outcome.

If you have just joined the group, welcome – and please remember we are not fighting to stop Dimmey’s leaving as that is a commercial decision made by the company. What we are lobbying for is the retention of low-rise development in Swan St., preservation of the heritage facade of the original Dimmey’s building, and preservation of the mural that occupies the eastern wall.

To join this group and show your support on Facebook, go here.


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