Cut ‘n’ paste cities

For all those who love to photograph the built/urban environment, it may be worthwhile contributing to the Cut ‘n’ Paste Cities project, which is described as follows on their website:

A global call to action and an invitation to urban dwellers to describe through photography the places and things they love about their cities, and those that they could do without.

The brief is to capture through photography what you really like in a city, what makes it tick, and what you would like to see more of in the future. They can be spaces or services, aspects of everyday life or temporary events. Alternatively, describe something that should be removed from the city, a building you could do without, a service that just doesn’t work. These are a CUT. Things you like are a PASTE.

All the details on how to contribute are on their website, and to get an idea what other people are contributing you can also take a look at their Flickr Group.

(via City of Sound)


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