Unpacking my library

Ever wanted to know Peter Eisenman or Stephen Holl have on their bookshelves at home? Well now you can – sort of. The Municipal Art Society of New York is currently holding  an exhibition called “Unpacking My Library: 10 Architects & Their Books”. The exhibition features a different New York architect and their book collection every month — beginning with Peter Eisenmann in May,  and currently features the books of Toshiko Mori. The aim of the exhibition is to provides an archival snap-shot of architecture at the beginning of the 21st century. The exhibit captures a representative cross-section of these notable libraries, mapping the intellectual and emotional terrain of present-day architects and scholars.

A book based on the exhibit will be released later this year by Yale University Press.

With all my books packed away as I am in between houses, it made me think what books I would submit to this kind of exhibition. For an architect, I don’t have that many architectural books, so you would probably much of the fiction that I enjoy. Books by Jose Saramago, Irvine Welsh and Nick Hornby would be prominent along my collection of football related books (I have more of those than architectural books).

(via Arch Daily)


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