Demolition decision

Ever wanted to decide which of your least favourite buildings could get demolished then you may want to look at Voto Demo. Voto Demo is a project by Gustavo Artigas that consists of the production and application of a survey to identify which building the population of Los Angeles would like to have demolished. They are asking for the collaboration of architects and the general public to help them in this endeavour. A letter with the results will be sent along with the proper documentation as an official petition to the city’s government to request the demolition of the selected building on behalf of its citizens. Up for demolition are the following buildings:

  • Disney Concert Hall
  • The Pacific Design Centre
  • Staples Centre
  • Broad Contemporary Art Museum
  • Rodeo Drive Boutiques
  • Kodak Centre

So with this in mind it got me thinking as to which Melbourne buildings that I would like to see demolished and I came up with this list:

  • Northbank Place
  • Melbourne Aquarium
  • RMIT Building 8

Which buildings would you choose?

(courtesy of @HawthornLAT)


One thought on “Demolition decision

  1. i would have voted for the ferris wheel but i arrived home from overseas this month to find my wish had come true.
    so lets go with etihad statium.

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