An abandoned phenomenon

shooting hoops

For the last three months I have been living in Braybrook as I wait for my own house in Yarraville to become available. One thing I have noticed is the amount of abandoned shopping trolleys that are in the area – it’s a kind of urban phenomenon. So much so that in the last three weeks I have taken to photographing them in their habitat and you can view some on my Flickr page. There is also a great Flickr group dedicated to abandoned trolleys from around the world, with much better photographs than mine that is worth checking out. In a few days I move to Yarraville and I wonder if there will be as many trolleys to photograph – I am guessing so as I live very close to a large chain supermarket.


One thought on “An abandoned phenomenon

  1. This is very cool, i grew up in an area that had plently of shopping trolleys and used in the strangest ways!

    When i vist again ill share some pictures with you.



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