Brutal treatment

A Facebook page and petition have been set up as opposition to the proposed demolition of the Brutalist classic at 10 Murray Street, Hobart, otherwise known as the State Government Offices building.

Butterpaper has been following this issue quite closely since word first got out that there was a proposal to demolish the Hartley Wilson & Partners designed building. They also managed to track down the original architect, Dirk Bolt for his opinion on the whole matter.

On an interesting note, Professor Rob Adams, a major force behind the rebirth of Melbourne’s CBD,  toured Hobart’s CBD recently and advocated the re-use of 10 Murray Street stating that:

He said the Government’s CBD office block was a prime catalyst to stimulate the change — though he feared it was too late.

With a number of architecturally significant buildings under threat in recent times I wonder if we harking back to the thinking of the eighties where are a number of important buildings bit the dust, particularly in Melbourne, in the name of development. One can only wonder.

For more information, you can also visit the Save 10 Murray website.

Edited: 29th October 2009, 9:45pm


2 thoughts on “Brutal treatment

  1. hi mate – you might want to double check that quote from Rob Adams – my understanding is he was advocating the adaptive reuse of the building, not it’s demolition!


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