Home is where the architecture is


Almost a year ago, my girlfriend Caroline and I purchased our first home, a 1940s Californian bungalow in the western suburbs of Melbourne. However, due to it being under lease we didn’t get to move in until early November this year so we only been in it for just over a month. At the moment the house along with the garden requires a bit of work here and there plus I want to add my (if I’m allowed) architectural touch. So as what I hope will be one of my most exciting and challenging architectural projects progresses I’ll keep you all updated on how it’s going.

So far, we have had the house re-stumped and some free insulation installed before we moved in and we are currently looking to get the ceiling replaced in the master bedroom as apparently it is only being held up by the cornices. After that our next projects will be the creation of raised vegetable patch in our backyard and a repaint of the interior of the houses.


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