Home is where the architecture is – update #1

A while back, I said I would keep all you up-to-date on the happenings with what I hope is my greatest architectural project, my own home. Well there has been some progress of late with the completion of our raised garden bed for our future vegetable garden. It was started in early January and was finally completed last week and was constructed using red gum sleepers and posts. Being the non-handypeople that we are it probably took a lot longer than it should have even taking into account the weekends when we were working on other jobs around the house.

At this stage it is empty of any soil but hopefully sometime during winter we will start the preparations for our first batch of summer crops. At four square metres I would have to say it is a decent size for the two of us and all going to plan should keep us well stocked all year round. In the future it will be hooked up to a drip irrigation system, one that ultimately will be linked to a water tank. As you can see in the photograph at the moment it is being used to protect some of potted fruit trees from the latest addition to our house, who is pictured below.


One thought on “Home is where the architecture is – update #1

  1. Ah ..love it I presume you are an architect that is homemaking..yep looks like nearly all the houses most of my more interesting friends have lived in.Though of course the occasional theme villa or slick cool apartment is not bad …to visit if one likes marble and stainless steel.Yep plant a favorite tree of mine called “Chinese Tallow’ It is deciduous and only grows to say 3 to 5 meters.It will make the pupies owner happy as it produces leaves in Autumn that resemble golden coins aginst the grey cool skies of early winter.Like NOW.

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