The first year that was

Today marks the one year anniversary of idontwearblack, a year that has seen the first 60 posts of this architecturally-themed blog.

For those that are interested I have taken a look at some stats of the year that has just gone by in particular taking a look at the five most viewed posts and five most used search terms by which people have found this site.

The most viewed post was Award winning architecture which was my look at the 2009 AIA Victorian Chapter Awards, whereas my favorite entry for the year was my look at the Adelaide City Council’s decision to include a strip club on its secret list of heritiage building that they want to protect from developers.

As for the search terms in which people find this blog it is interesting to note that my first entry that makes mention of the old Gas and Fuel Buildings that attracts the most visitors via search terms.

Top 5 most viewed posts:

  1. Award winning architecture
  2. Burgess does Corrigan
  3. Cut ‘n’ paste cities
  4. Presentation inspiration
  5. Those crazy people in Adelaide

Top 5 used search terms:

  1. gas and fuel towers
  2. carey grammar
  3. melbourne recital centre
  4. gas and fuel buildings melbourne
  5. john gollings

I hope my readers have enjoyed the first year of  idontwearblack as much as I have and will enjoy it for many years to come.


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