Action on heritage

In the wake of the demolition of Lonsdale House and the scandal over the Windsor Hotel development a new group is about to be formed called ‘Melbourne Heritage Action’. It will have a focus on fighting for the protection of Melbourne’s built heritage specifically in the CBD.  They will have a meeting on this Friday 30 July 2010 at 6pm at Tasma Terrace to elect their first office bearers. The group describe themselves as follows:

Melbourne Heritage Action provides a forum for people dedicated to preserving, protecting and promoting the ongoing use of significant heritage places such as buildings, streetscapes, laneways and interiors in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. We advocate for the preservation of significant heritage places primarily within Melbourne’s Central Business District. We lobby the State Government of Victoria, City of Melbourne council and developers to make decisions that value and enhance our built heritage. We promote a greater awareness within the wider community of central Melbourne’s substantial and important endowment of built heritage. We aim to build a strong public support base. We advocate for the protection of significant built heritage from all periods, which is threatened by unsympathetic development or demolition by any means. We promote greater respect for heritage within the government, business and development community. We encourage developers, architects, academics and businesses to explore ideas of adaptive reuse and heritage preservation.


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