Fans, flares & lots of goals

Recently I gave a talk at my work about my aim to visit as many football (aka soccer) stadiums as I possible can in my lifetime. Whilst it didn’t concentrate solely on architecture I thought I would some of the images might be of inspiration. The talk was basically broken up into two parts: stadiums I have visited both here and abroad; and those I wish to visit in the future.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Disclaimer: Whilst a lot of the photos in the presentation are mine, there are many that aren’t therefore this is more quasi-credit to those I have borrowed from various sites on the internet.

One thought on “Fans, flares & lots of goals

  1. great presentation! i’m hardly a football fan, but when in europe, i try to check out at least one game in a spectacular stadium: so far only allianz and san siro.

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