Ten projects worth looking at

The timetable for the 2011 Presentation to Juries for the AIA Victorian Architecture Awards has floated across my desk and I thought I would take the opportunity of compiling a list of ten projects worth checking out. This year for some unknown reason the venue for the event has been moved from the Sidney Myer Asia Centre at the University of Melbourne to Monash University’s Faculty of Art and Design Building G so don’t tell me you haven’t been forewarned.

Seeing that the presentations will now take place in Caulfield instead of Carlton I’m not sure if I will be attending but here is my list (in no particular order) of ten projects that should be worth taking a look at.

1. The Aqueduct & Tent House – Simon & Freda Thornton
I’m pretty sure this house was also presented last year (correct me if I’m wrong) so if you missed it last year check it out because this couple always produce interesting outcomes.

(Category: Residential New – 2:45pm)

2. Sorrento House – NMBW Architecture Studio
For me NMBW almost always produce a brilliant architectural solution for their projects so it’s worth checking it out just for that.

(Category: Residential New – 4:30pm)

3. Highgate Pavilion – Suters Architects
Probably one of the most full on small sporting pavilions that you will ever come across. Not for the faint hearted or those who don’t like a lot of colour.

(Category: Public New – 10:45am)

4. AAMI Park – Cox Architecture
This is one of the stand out projects for this year and in all honesty (although I’m a little biaised) should take out a number of awards this year. Brilliant architectural expression.

(Category: Public New – 3:15pm)

5. Myer Bourke Street Redevelopment – NH Architecture
NH Architecture have really set the benchmark for a retail redevelopment with their refurnishment one of Melbourne’s shopping icons.

(Category: Commercial – 10:00am, Heritage – 3:15pm)

6. Monash University Museum of Art – Kerstin Thompson Architects
I always enjoy Kerstin Thompson’s presentations not only because of the work she produces but often her slightly ramshackle way of presenting. This project has also has the added bonus of being viewed on the day if you have some spare time.

(Category: Public Alterations & Additions – 12:00pm, Interiors – 11:30am)

7. Pixel Building – Studio 505
One of the most talked about buildings in the last year with even Hilary Clinton paying it a visit. It was also extremely popular at Open House 2010 and should be shoe in for the sustainability award.

(Category: Commerical – 11:00am, Sustainable – 9:45am)

8. Boston Villa – Nest Architects
One of the up and coming young architects in Melbourne who produce some brilliantly detailed small projects.

(Category: Residential Alterations & Additions – 9:45am)

9. Carlton House – DCM
Reknown for their much larger projects it will be interesting to see how this much smaller (?) project stacks up. Usually good presenters as well.

(Category: Residential Alterations & Additions – 3:15pm)

10. not in my backyard thankyou very much – Multiplicity
Tim and Sioux Clark are always entertaining in their presentations and that’s probably half the reason why I watch them present almost every year. The other reason is that they also produce some pretty good work.

(Category: Residential Alterations & Additions – 3:30pm)

For a full timetable of all the presentations of which I am sure there are many good ones, go here.


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