The second year that was

A few weeks ago it was the second year anniversary of idontwearblack, so I thought I would again take a look at what piqued people’s interest over the last twelve months and in particular taking a look at the five most viewed posts and five most used search terms by which people have found this site.

This year has been a much less prolific than the first one with only twenty entries as opposed to sixty. I guess I’m resorting to the old and slightly cliched adage of quality over quantity, or so I hope.

The most viewed post was Ten projects worth looking at which was my look at what projects were worth taking a look at the Presentation to Juries for the 2011 Victorian Architecture Awards. This was closely followed by my reports on the AIA National Conference, Natural Artifice which generated a huge amount of traffic and comment.

Top 5 most viewed posts:

  1. Ten projects worth looking at
  2. Natural Artifice – Day One
  3. Natural Artifice – Day Two
  4. Those crazy people in Adelaide
  5. Fine winery architecture

Top 5 used search terms:

  1. north melbourne station
  2. crazy horse adelaide
  3. winery architecture
  4. lebbeus woods
  5. space films

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