Wanted: A chair just like this

You may or may not have noticed a lack of action on the “Home is where the architecture is” front of late but nevertheless there has been some action, most of it in the garden and mostly very boring.

However we are getting to some of the more exciting stuff as we look to update our living area. Of course one of the fun parts of redoing your living area is picking what furniture you would like. We have decided to go somewhat of a vintage feel to reflect the house and we, and my girlfriend in particular, have fallen in love with this lounge chair from Fler Furniture that we discovered in a magazine. Of course they are very difficult to find but if anyone out there can help with recommendations or places that are worthwhile checking out it would be very much appreciated.

Photos of the finished living area will of course be posted once completed.


2 thoughts on “Wanted: A chair just like this

  1. Saw one exactly like this dumped in the middle section of Faraday St. Carlton the other day (really!), between Rathdowne and Canning Street on the South side – velour upholstery. Might still be there?

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