Home is where the architecture is – update #4

One of the advantages of not having a job for the last couple of months is that it has given me time to do some work on my house, and in particular with the weather rather good it meant quite a bit of work on the outside of the house could be done.

The project that we decided to do externally was the re-invigoration of  our existing deck area including the re-staining of our deck, a new roof over the deck and a new coat of paint for everything including a change of colour that we hope to use on the rest of the house.

Probably the hardest task apart from all the painting was actually choosing a colour. We had been inspired by houses in the area and photos in magazines that showed weatherboard houses painted in a dark blue/grey colour with white trims that looked extremely effective. The only problem is that we didn’t really no what colour it was although we did manage to find one paint colour name in a magazine, which coincidentally was the one we chose. However this is the list of colours that we sampled on our wall – Wattyl Midnight Seas, Dulux Mary Janes, Wattyl Colorbond Ironstone, Haymes Stormy Blue, Haymes Distant Hillls, Wattyl Colorbond Monument, Dulux Oolong, Dulux Grid and Wattyl Grey Ember. To increase the suspense you will have to scroll down to the end for what colour we actually finished up with in the end.

The deck area albeit a few years ago

The deck in its original condition

The deck after cleaning and sanding

The deck after two coats of stain

Choosing a paint colour

The end product

Products used: Deck Stain – Cabots Ironwood; Posts, beams and ceiling – Haymes Nearly White; Walls – Dulux Mary Janes.

2 thoughts on “Home is where the architecture is – update #4

  1. Preferred the non stained timber deck, think you could have applied the same natural finish to the doors? Colour on the exterior, great choice.

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