Ten projects worth looking at – 2012 edition

It’s that time of year again with the 2012 Presentation  to Juries for the AIA Victorian Architecture Awards taking place this weekend as I did last year I will take the opportunity to compile a list of the projects I believe are worthing having a look at on Saturday. Again this year the presentations will be held at Monash University’s Faculty of Art and Design Building G and again like last year I am not sure if I will be in attendance as it clashes with a wedding that I have to attend. This year will be an interesting one for the awards as there appears to be no real standout public building, apart from say the Royal Children’s Hospital, so it will be interesting to projects grab the eye of the judges.

Please note that these selections are in no particular order.

1. Queensberry Street House – Robert Simeoni

This house is located just down the road from where I used to work and I followed its construction fairly closely. It is on an extremely tight site that borders a glorified alleyway and I am keen to see what Robert Simeoni has achieved considering that I have only ever been able to see the brown brickwork of the exterior.

(Category: Residential New – 3:30pm)

2. Lakeside Stadium – H2O Architects

Although on a much smaller scale than the much vaunted AAMI Park it will still be worthwhile taking a look at H2O Architects’ impressive upgrade of the Lakeside Stadium, that was originally completed by Daryl Jackson. Even though it’s not very architectural make sure you watch out for the eye-catching blue athletics track.

(Category: Public Alterations & Additions – 3:00pm)

3. Parents Retreat @ Melbourne Central – Clare Cousins

Best known for her fitouts for Aesop this project by Clare Cousins is well worth having a looking at for how it deals with the differing scales of those who inhabit its space plus it looks like she has had a bit of fun with it as well.

(Category: Interior – 10:30am)

4. Punt Road Oval – Suters Architects

If you have been anywhere near Richmond Train Station you would to be blind not to have seen this bold and exciting looking building taking shape over the last couple of years. Not exactly sure why it’s in the Commercial category but definitely an eye-catching project to take a look at.

(Category: Commercial – 10:45am)

5. Big Hill – Kerstin Thompson Architects

It goes without saying that most of Kerstin Thompson’s houses are brilliant and I’m pretty sure this one is no exception. Well worth the early morning start to have a look at one of Melbourne’s most consistent architectural performers.

(Category: Residential – 9:30am)

6. Fitzroy Apartments – NMBW

Absolutely brilliant at the smaller residential scale it will be interesting to see how NMBW have handled this much larger residential project. The photos on their website fill me with inspiration so a closer inspection is definitely on the cards.

(Category: Residential -Multiple – 3:15pm)

7. Ormond Common Rooms – Nest Architects

Of course we couldn’t make up a list of projects of worth having a look at without mentioning one of our favourite architects and their upgrade of the Common Rooms at Melbourne University’s Ormond College. They always do nice stuff and this is no exception.

(Category: Heritage – 10:45am)

8. The Milk Carton – Simon & Freda Thornton

The title of the project says it all in this quirky project by the king and queen of quirkiness, Simon & Freda Thornton. Definitely worth a look just to hear how they came up with the idea.

(Category: Small Project – 11:15am or Residential Alterations & Additions – 10:45am)

9. Fiona Winzar – Victoria Road House

Not exactly sure why Fiona Winzar hasn’t entered her excellent Orange Grove House into the awards (maybe she did last year I just can’t remember) but going on how good that was it is definitely worth checking out her latest offering.

(Category: Residential Alterations & Additions – 12:00pm)

10. Ballarat Art Gallery Annex – Searle x Waldron

This is a tiny little addition to the Ballarat Art Gallery Annex but it has a killer interior that not only grabbed my eye but also the editors of Architecture Australia, on whose January/February 2012 cover it appears. Searle x Waldron are a relatively young and up and coming architecture firm and this project is definitely going to grab them some attention, if it hasn’t done so already.

(Category: Public Alterations & Additions – 3:45pm)

Photo taken from clarecousins.com.au

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