Third year lucky

Mathias Klotz. The man responsible for many hits on this site.

Today idontwearblack turns three years old. We have celebrated the occasion by letting off some fireworks in true Canberra style and gobbing down bags full of candy and before we pass out from a sugar high we thought we would look at the year that was for this esteemed site.

For those that are interested I have taken a look at some stats of the year that has just gone by in particular taking a look at the five most viewed posts and five most used search terms by which people have found this site.

The most viewed post was a very old post about a Mathias Klotz lecture that was held in Melbourne over two years ago and which I was very disappointed not to attend. 

As for the search terms in which people find this blog Mathias Klotz makes it two out of two as the search term which attracts the most visitors. Here are the top five in all their glory.

Top 5 most viewed posts:

  1. Mathias Klotz lecture
  2. Ten projects worth looking at – 2012 edition
  3. Fine winery architecture
  4. Grand Designs Australia Season 1 Reviewed
  5. Ten projects worth looking at

Top 5 used search terms:

  1. mathias klotz
  2. winery architecture
  3. north melbourne station
  4. robert simeoni
  5. crazy horse adelaide

I hope my readers have enjoyed the first year of  idontwearblack as much as I have and will enjoy it for many years to come.


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