Mi viaje a España: Barcelona

It’s been almost a month since I returned from a three week sojourn to Spain. A sojourn that took in lots of food, football, culture and of course architecture. I must admit as I have got back into the daily grind of work that I should post up some of the photos (not very good ones I might add) of some of the cities, sights and buildings that grabbed my attention. Rather than bombard you with a thousand photos in one post I am going to divide it up into a series of topical post with first cab off the rank being the first city we visited, Barcelona.

As a city Barcelona can be a little overwhelming and intimidating with its abundance of culture, art, food and football. Add to this a very fierce Catalan identity which is on display in the form with the red and yellow striped flag of Catalonia and you have a very heady and heady mix. A mix that probably deserves more than the four days that we spent there. Architecture-wise this is very much a city that is proud of Antoni Gaudi, whose work deserves its own post, but their are also some other fine examples of both contemporary and not so contemporary work. Whilst I didn’t go out of my way to seek out specific buildings what follows is a snapshot of some of the architecture I did manage to see.

Museu d’Art de Contemporani de Barcelona – Richard Meier and Associates

Mercat de Santa Caterina – EMBT

Barcelona Pavilion – Mies van der Rohe


Torre Agbar – Jean Nouvel (as viewed from the Sagrada Familia)


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