Mi viaje a España: Granada

When you think of the city of Granada you automatically of one of think of one place and that of course is the Alhambra. Whilst the palace and fortress that occupies the top of the hill of the Assabica on the southeastern border of the city does definitely dominates the city both visually and touristically it is quickly apparent that there is more to this city. Contrasting dramatically with the ornate detailing of the Alhambra is the minimalist masterpiece that is the Museo de la Memoria by Alberto Campo Baeza which sits on the outskirts of the city and stands out like a white beacon underneath the blazing Andalucian sun. The city itself with its tight and winding streets, which played havoc with the GPS on our iPhone as we tried to navigate them, was full of life and culture and in many ways underrated aspect of a visit to Granada.


photo-15 photo-14 photo-12 photo-13 photo-11 photo-10 photo-09 photo-08 photo-07 photo-06 photo-05

photo-02 photo-01 photo

Museo de la Memoria de Andalucia – Alberto Campo Baeza
photo-08  photo-01 photo-02 photo-03 photo-04 photo-05 photo-06 photo-07


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