Mi viaje a España: Museos in Madrid

What I will remember most about our visit to Madrid will be the art. Whilst our stay in Spain’s capital was only short (at just over three days) the first two days were pretty much all about the art and after only visiting two of the museums – the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia and the Museo Prado – we felt a little overwhelmed by the amount of art we had seen. So overwhelmed we couldn’t bring ourselves to go inside Herzog & de Mueron’s gravity defying Caixa Forum and the Museo Thyssen Bonemisza. Although to be fair we did take a walk around the outside of the aforementioned Caixa Forum.

The Museo Centro de Reina Sofia was our first visit as we waited for our accommodation to become available and we checked out the Encounters with the 1930s exhibition along with the museum’s permanent collection. I am not one take photos of the exhibits as I think that is a little pointless but I did take some photos of the extension to the museum by Jean Nouvel, which you can see below. Choosing to go only to the Museo Centro de Reina Sofia and the Prado proved to be a good choice as they provided a good contrast with the former’s collection being contemporary in nature whilst the Prado was all about the classics. Both were well worth the visit.

Museo del Prado


Caixa Forum – Herzog & de Mueron





Nouvel Building at the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia – Jean Nouvel










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