The perversion of perspective and scale


During my days as an architectural student I was particularly fascinated with scale and perspective and how to distort and pervert it to achieve different outcomes when approaching a building. This often combined with my love of the somewhat absurd nature of Pop Architecture and the use of everyday objects at a much larger scale than anticipated and totally out of context. So with plenty of time on my hands during my time in Canberra I decided to explore some of those ideas to do with Pop Architecture, scale and perspective using an every day object that has always fascinated me, army figures, and using them to interact with a much larger scale environment. It was also an opportunity for me early on to practice my creative writing but that soon passed as I looked to create interesting visual effects. Again I have only used my iPhone and the many and varied filters of Instagram.


As the three veteran soldiers gazed out over the nearby bushland with the sun steadily rising in the sky they decided that with the troops getting increasingly restless it was time to move out. “Lieutenant, let the men know that we will be breaking camp at 0800 hours,” said the Captain, “It’s time to see what we have got ourselves into.”


“I hate rivers”, muttered Johnson as the platoon made its way along the river bank, “There is nothing worse than going on a march that involves a river crossing. It puts me in such a foul mood that the rest of the platoon knows to steer clear of me for at least a couple of hours. And don’t get me started on fishing.”


As they came across the sign early that morning little did they know that the decision they made that day would haunt them to the end of their days. It wasn’t simply a decision between Belconnen or City. It was a choice between life and death.


They had been marching through the desert for a number of hours when they came across the perfectly spherical white object. The platoon approached it with trepidation not sure what to make of it – it was an object that appeared both familiar and unfamiliar at the same time. “I have an uneasy feeling about this,” muttered Winthrop as they edged closer. All of a sudden there was a loud bang and a bright flash of light appeared above their heads.


Time seemed to last an eternity as the platoon crossed the sandy desert in search of the source of the the flash of light and loud bang they had encountered earlier. Some said it took them two days to cross the desert, one said it was at least four days whilst others claimed it had to be at least a week. But as the left the desert behind no amount of time could have prepared them for the object that came into sight as they climbed a grassy knoll. One soldier, whose name was said to Hubert, exclaimed in a hushed tone, “I think we have discovered something not of this world!”


In the end tracking down the Liquid Paper Beast wasn’t as hard as they first imagined.


There was only ever going to be one winner in this battle


Whilst many of the soldiers were debating the origin and the blend of the spilt coffee, Wilson lamented that all this could have been avoided if someone had put the lid on their Keep Cup.


Men, our work here is done. It’s time to move out.


“Anyone else think we should have taken the lift instead”


Catching the bus proved to be a lot harder than they first thought.


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