Seven projects worth looking at – 2014 edition


My attendance at events held by the Australian Institute of Architects is very rare but almost every year I do try and attend the Presentation to Juries for the Victorian Architecture Awards. It is a great opportunity to have a look at what has been going on in our state architectural-wise over the last year and one usually comes out of this event feeling refreshed and inspired. Once again I have put together a list of projects I think are worth a look, usually I pick out ten but this year I have selected seven as time has been against me this year (as you will notice by the lack of posts on this site). Once again the event is being held at Monash University Art, Design & Architecture Building G with most of the presentations taking place this coming Saturday 15th March. You never know you might see me there – I’ll be the one not wearing black.

Please note that these selections are in no particular order and you get the full timetable of presentations right here.

1. Florence Street – Nest Architects

It is fascinating seeing architects present their own abodes and there is no better opportunity to have look at Emilio Fuscaldo of Nest Architect’s clever response to a small site in suburban Coburg.

(Category: Residential New – 4:30pm)

2. Prahran Hotel – Techne Architects

In the last year or so there have been a number of excellent hotel renovations, none so more than this eye-popping effort from Techne Architects of the Prahran Hotel, which used to be a former haunt of this correspondent following the conclusion of many an ArchiSoccer match.

(Category: Commerical – 4:30pm)

3. Lightbox – Edwards Moore

Black metal cladding and polycarbonate roofing are two materials that I like to use in my projects and am always keen to have a look at other projects with a similar palette and this is the case in Edwards Moore’s Lightbox project. Combine this with some stunning interiors containing and this warehouse addition/conversion is definitely worth a look.

(Category: Residential Alts & Adds – 1:00pm)

4. Engawa House – Black Line One X Architecture Studio

After working on some rather large residential projects in the last year I am interested to see this project by Black Line One X Architecture Studio (BLOXAS) where in their renovation they have minimised the project’s overall footprint compared with the previous plan. The use of the black stained plywood cladding also looks stunning especially as it juxtaposes with existing weatherboard house and is an excellent follow up to their Profile House.

(Category: Residential Alts & Adds – 6:00pm)

5. Flinders Lane Apartment – Clare Cousins Architects

Of late I have been hassling my fellow architects about the ins and outs of using plywood in projects and one of the finest examples in using this material is Clare Cousins Architects and this Flinders Lane Apartment is no exception. And at 7.5m x 10.0m this is the very essence of what the small project is about

(Category: Small Projects – 8:30am)

6. The Lantern – Building Studio Architects

As a regular train traveller who often travels between Flinders Street and Southern Cross Stations this building by Sydney based Building Studio Architects for Penguin Publishers definitely catches the eye amongst some other somewhat bland efforts.

(Category: Commercial – 3:45pm)

7. Williamstown Library – Sally Draper Architects & Mitsuori Architects

As a resident of the western suburbs of Melbourne it would be remiss of me not to pick out a project in my neck of the woods. Plus it is pretty good looking project to boot in what in my opinion is a fairly open “Public New” category and it is one that I really should check out in the flesh.

(Category: Public New – 12:15pm)


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