Where Are All The Architects – The Beginning

banch abegaze

Not your typical architect

My current place of employment sees me working in Hawthorn East and one thing I have noticed when I choose to walk from Auburn Railway station to the office that I pass by a number of architecture offices. This piqued my interest as to how many architectural firms are located in Hawthorn and it occurred to me to create a suburb by suburb graphic of the location of architectural offices. Realising that would quite possibly take me years (I’m easily distracted) a municipality by municipality graphic might be a better idea.

Seeing as my place of work started me on this quest the City of Boroondara was the first municipality off the rank and my graphical findings can be seen below. My methodology involved trawling the ARBV architects register by the postcodes located within the City of Boroondara and then roughly plotting their location on a map. Not surprisingly the vast majority of architectural offices are located in the suburbs of Hawthorn and Camberwell and conglomerate towards the western boundary of the municipal boundary appearing to be drawn inexorably towards the CBD of Melbourne.


Where are all the architects – City of Boroondara

The plan now is to repeat this exercise with all the municipalities of Melbourne and publish three or for at a time along with some commentary for however long it takes me to complete the task.


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