No means No


The alteration to this sign made me laugh

Have you ever notice how often you see the word “No” in every day life? Inspired in part by Hazel Dooney’s No! I decided to document various instances of where we do encounter the word “No” in every day life in what I called “The No Series”. Here are some of the instances that I have encountered so far which I have now decided to collate in its very own blog.

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The perversion of perspective and scale


During my days as an architectural student I was particularly fascinated with scale and perspective and how to distort and pervert it to achieve different outcomes when approaching a building. This often combined with my love of the somewhat absurd nature of Pop Architecture and the use of everyday objects at a much larger scale than anticipated and totally out of context. So with plenty of time on my hands during my time in Canberra I decided to explore some of those ideas to do with Pop Architecture, scale and perspective using an every day object that has always fascinated me, army figures, and using them to interact with a much larger scale environment. It was also an opportunity for me early on to practice my creative writing but that soon passed as I looked to create interesting visual effects. Again I have only used my iPhone and the many and varied filters of Instagram.

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Short film fun

It’s not often that I share my own work on this blog but I thought I would share with you something that I made last week. At work we decided to test the creativity of the office by holding an in-house short film festival. The festival had a number of rules – the movie had to be shot using an iPhone, reference North Melbourne in some way and include a hard hat in at least one of the scenes. Initially as I was one of the organisers I decided I wasn’t going to enter but come the last week when there appeared to be not much interest from my fellow workmates I thought I would give it a crack. So in a flashback to my university days I left everything to the last minute. With the film due on Friday, all the filming and editing took place on the Thursday before and here is the final result.

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They don’t all wear black

Have you ever wanted to know what an architect looks like? Well now here is your chance through the creation of the Visual Sociologoy of Architects project. The project is the brainchild of Naomi Stead, Sandra Kaji-O’Grady, and Kate Sweetapple who set out to collect an archive of documentary-style photographic images of participants at the recent AIA conference extra/ordinary. It aimed to draw upon objectivist serial art practices established in the 1960s, the project proposed a visual sociology of architects, observing visual traits, patterns and distinctions, towards a visual sociology of architectural culture at this particular historic moment. All I can say is that they don’t all wear black like my former work colleague Josh McAlister, below.

It’s all up in the air

Jason Reitman latest’s offering, Up In The Air, whilst not as good as his first offering, Thankyou for Smoking but slightly better than Juno provides us architects and urban designers with some brilliant eye candy in the form of aerial photography of American cities and landscapes. The aerial photography is worth the ticket price online. There are some glimpses of the brilliant work of the movie’s Aerial Director of Photography, Dylan Goss in the trailer below but for the full package you’ll just have to see the film. Also if you want to know how some of the shots were done check out this site.

For what it’s worth I gave the film 3.5 stars.