Podcast of the Week

I listen to a lot of podcasts in one week, especially when I’m working as I find it makes me more productive. I have always had a thirst for knowledge and learning about new things and thus having been listening to a lot of this type of podcast of late. Current favourties include 99% Invisible (which is actually design based), Radiolab, To The Best of our Knowledge and Backstory amongst others. Sometimes I feel need to share some of the good ones that I come across either through my twitter feed or my tumblr blog but now I have decided to include my favourite one for the week on this site which you can now see on my side bar. Sometimes I may feel the inclination to actually write a small piece about them in the main part of this site. Would also like to hear your feedback and recommendations for good podcasts out there.

Update: I am now posting a semi-regular list of podcasts that grab my attention here.