Mi viaje a España: Antoni Gaudi

I think every architecture student remembers the first time they are introduced to the work of Antoni Gaudi. Although I’m pretty sure there was some mention of Gaudi during my first year of studying architecture it wasn’t until early on in my second year that we covered his astonishing work in any detail. Fourteen years later my trip to Spain and more importantly a visit to Barcelona finally provided me with the opportunity to see the work of Antoni Gaudi in the flesh and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

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Mi viaje a España: Barcelona

It’s been almost a month since I returned from a three week sojourn to Spain. A sojourn that took in lots of food, football, culture and of course architecture. I must admit as I have got back into the daily grind of work that I should post up some of the photos (not very good ones I might add) of some of the cities, sights and buildings that grabbed my attention. Rather than bombard you with a thousand photos in one post I am going to divide it up into a series of topical post with first cab off the rank being the first city we visited, Barcelona.

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