The perversion of perspective and scale


During my days as an architectural student I was particularly fascinated with scale and perspective and how to distort and pervert it to achieve different outcomes when approaching a building. This often combined with my love of the somewhat absurd nature of Pop Architecture and the use of everyday objects at a much larger scale than anticipated and totally out of context. So with plenty of time on my hands during my time in Canberra I decided to explore some of those ideas to do with Pop Architecture, scale and perspective using an every day object that has always fascinated me, army figures, and using them to interact with a much larger scale environment. It was also an opportunity for me early on to practice my creative writing but that soon passed as I looked to create interesting visual effects. Again I have only used my iPhone and the many and varied filters of Instagram.

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The (almost) Canberra year(s)


After a little over eleven months my time in Canberra has come to an end. During that time I took many a photo to chronicle my time in the nation’s capital not knowing how long I would actually be there. Most of these photos have appeared on instagram, where I go under the username of “idontwearblack” and on my tumblr blog but I thought it would be best to collate some of these photos into a “best (or worst) of” to characterise my time in Canberra.

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Not wearing black in Canberra

As you may have noticed in my more recent posts I have not been working in the architecture scene for a few months now. However, after five months without work I have managed to pick up a job in Canberra and will be heading up there next week. Therefore during the time spent in the nation’s capital this site will have much more of a Canberra theme although my home town of Melbourne will not be ignored. For those interested I have started an Instagram account with my username being “idontwearblack” which I be using to document my time in Canberra. If you are into that kind of thing feel free to follow me.

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