Ten projects worth looking at – 2013 edition

vic juries 2013

It’s that time of year again with the 2013 Presentations to Juries for the RAIA Victorian Architecture Awards taking place on the 23rd and 24th March and has been the case I will take the opportunity to compile a list of the projects I believe are worthing having a look at on these days. Again this year the presentations will be held at Monash University’s Faculty of Art and Design Building G.

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AAMI Park all a glow

The other night I got the chance to take a look at AAMI Park on a guided tour organised by the AIA. As a massive football fan I visit the stadium on an almost weekly basis during the A-League season I was actually more interested in seeing some of the behind the scene facilities that makes up a large part of the stadium that the general public don’t get to see. Unfortunately for all of us on the tour, those facilities were in use so we weren’t able to have a look.

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AAMI Park scoops the pool

Melbourne Rectangular Stadium - 01/05/2010

Friday night saw the winners of 2011 Victoria Architecture Awards announced and it was AAMI Park by Cox Architecture unsurprisingly scooping the pool. AAMI Park otherwise known as “the rectangular stadium” or “idontwearblack’s favourite building eva” took out the night’s highest honour in the form of the Victorian Architecture Medal along with the Melbourne Prize, the William Wardell Award for Public Architecture and the Colorbond Award for Steel Architecture. All bias aside, this is one of best buildings that has been produced in Melbourne in a while in terms of the way it has been resolved in all areas of design.

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Ten projects worth looking at

The timetable for the 2011 Presentation to Juries for the AIA Victorian Architecture Awards has floated across my desk and I thought I would take the opportunity of compiling a list of ten projects worth checking out. This year for some unknown reason the venue for the event has been moved from the Sidney Myer Asia Centre at the University of Melbourne to Monash University’s Faculty of Art and Design Building G so don’t tell me you haven’t been forewarned.

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