Mi viaje a España: Museos in Madrid

What I will remember most about our visit to Madrid will be the art. Whilst our stay in Spain’s capital was only short (at just over three days) the first two days were pretty much all about the art and after only visiting two of the museums – the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia and the Museo Prado – we felt a little overwhelmed by the amount of art we had seen. So overwhelmed we couldn’t bring ourselves to go inside Herzog & de Mueron’s gravity defying Caixa Forum and the Museo Thyssen Bonemisza. Although to be fair we did take a walk around the outside of the aforementioned Caixa Forum.

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Mi viaje a España: Sights of Sevilla


Like Valencia earlier in our trip, Sevilla proved to be one of the cities in Spain that we most enjoyed during our trip around the country. Also like Valencia we could both ourselves living there but for the fact that a) there are less architecture jobs in Spain than in Australia and b) temperatures regularly hit 45 degrees during summer. That aside we fell in love with the city and all that it had to offer.

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Mi viaje a España: Granada

When you think of the city of Granada you automatically of one of think of one place and that of course is the Alhambra. Whilst the palace and fortress that occupies the top of the hill of the Assabica on the southeastern border of the city does definitely dominates the city both visually and touristically it is quickly apparent that there is more to this city. Contrasting dramatically with the ornate detailing of the Alhambra is the minimalist masterpiece that is the Museo de la Memoria by Alberto Campo Baeza which sits on the outskirts of the city and stands out like a white beacon underneath the blazing Andalucian sun. The city itself with its tight and winding streets, which played havoc with the GPS on our iPhone as we tried to navigate them, was full of life and culture and in many ways underrated aspect of a visit to Granada.

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Mi viaje a España: Valencian Graffiti

After being somewhat overwhelmed with all that is Barcelona it was somewhat of a relief to spend a few days in the much more relaxed atmosphere of Valencia. Valencia, which turned out to be one of the cities that I enjoyed the most in Spain, is very much dominated architecturally by hometown boy Santiago Calatrava and in particular his Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències (City of Arts and Sciences). However what grabbed my attention during my stay in Valencia was the street art that was evident throughout the streets of the old part of the city. As we wandered the streets and laneways I was constantly having to pull out my camera as a new piece came into view and here is a collection of some of the photos that I took.

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Mi viaje a España: Barcelona

It’s been almost a month since I returned from a three week sojourn to Spain. A sojourn that took in lots of food, football, culture and of course architecture. I must admit as I have got back into the daily grind of work that I should post up some of the photos (not very good ones I might add) of some of the cities, sights and buildings that grabbed my attention. Rather than bombard you with a thousand photos in one post I am going to divide it up into a series of topical post with first cab off the rank being the first city we visited, Barcelona.

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