60 seconds of architecture

The Architects’ Association of Denmark and the Australian Institute of Architects would like to encourage all architects, filmmakers and people in general who have an interest in their surroundings to participate in a collaborative film-making event. The film will to be launched in concordance with the World Day of Architecture.

60 Seconds of Architecture is an open international film project where anyone can contribute with a one minute film clip. Using Architects’ energy versus global crisis as a point of departure we urge everyone to produce a 60 second film that deals with this theme. All submissions will be accessible through the website www.60secondsofarchitecture.blogspot.com and all the participants are free to use and display these clips (or complete film) as they see fit. When the total number of films has been received, they will be edited into a feature length to be shown at a function on the World Day of Architecture.

The project seeks to uncover the relationship between, on the one hand, architects theories and practices, on the other hand, public perception of space and architecture. We would like to realize a crossover field where professionals along with everyday people enter a dialogue about the architecture of the future.


Deadline for submission is 15 of September 2009. For further information please contact Hans Bærholm, Architect’s Association Denmark +45 3085 9008 or hb@aa-dk.dk.


The film will be screened at a reception hosted by the local department of Architects’ Association Denmark and at Customs House in Sydney during the Sydney Architecture Festival. Other screenings will be posted on the website as they are confirmed.

(via Super Colossal)

Improving retail in Melbourne

I just recently discovered Linefeed and their latest post lists a series of ideas to improve retail in Melbourne (via Super Colossal). These ideas boil down to four distinct themes, being Local, Format, Kiosk and London Stores. Not sure if I agree with all of their ideas (they may be down to the fact that I’m not much of a shopper) but the thoughts behind Format and Kiosk do interest me the most.