Review: A Place In The Sun

As this is my first book review for the blog I must make one thing very clear I own that many architectural books despite the fact that I am an architect. To be brutally honest the ones I do own I rarely look at. For example I own a copy of Wiel Arets: Works, Projects and Writings by Xavier Costa which is still sitting in its plastic wrapper and don’t get me started on my copy of 10x10x2.

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Sowing the seeds

Inspired both by hearing Jeremy McLeod of Breathe Architecture speaking about it on The Architects and Melbourne Coffee Review glowing endorsement of its coffee I thought it was about time to check out Seven Seeds, whose website describes themselves as:

A small micro roaster located in Melbourne, Australia. We source green coffee from around the world and concentrate on Estate, Micro lot and Single Origin coffees.

Seven Seeds, was the winner of the Award for Sustainable Architecture at the recent AIA Victorian Chapter Awards and it’s a building that wears its environmental credentials on its sleeve. From the bike racks on the wall as you enter through to the use of plywood cladding throughout and  its use of water tanks as a heat sink as well as for the collection of water is the kind of sustainable design that really rocks my world. There is none of the fancy whizz bang technology of recent winners of the Sustainable Architecture Award (an award that should really be rendered defunct because of its commonality) with the building relying simply on good common sense. It is the kind of sustainable idiom that is easily attainable by all without the need for spending up big.

As for the coffee, unlike the architecture, I was a tad disappointed by my long macchiato with soy  milk. And yes I know it’s a bit of wanker coffee.

Architecture on the radio

Congratulations to Simon Knott, Stuart Harrison, Christine Phillips and Rory Hyde on the upcoming 200th episode of “The Architects” on RRR FM this coming Tuesday 23 June, 2009 at 7pm. I know it’s a little cliched but it seems that it was only yesterday that this must listen to radio show on architecture started.

A job well done.

Update: If you didn’t catch the 200th episode live, you can download the podcast here, something I do every week as I can never seem to catch the show live.